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We recommend you to follow the following instructions to elongate the life of your swimsuit and bag:





Hand wash in cold water separately after swimming

Air dry to avoid stretching

Don’t put your swimsuit in a dryer

Never iron them

Avoid rough surfaces to avoid snagging

To remove deodorant stains from your swimsuit, we recommend scrubbing carefully with a damp cloth.

Try to keep it away from direct heat and super hot water: it could ruin the integrity of your swimsuit and melt the nylon.




  • We recommend not to wash very often since it is a very delicate product, only in a very necessary case.

  • Hand wash in cold water separately.

  • May fade as they are dyed with natural dyes, do not mix the bags with other products.

  • To dry them we recommend to lay them in the shade since the sun can discolor the product.

  • Never use a washing machine or dryer.

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